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    Haining Haohua Electronics Co.,Ltd ,was founded in 2012, the company focused on designing and manufacturing of the high performance magnetic components such as electronics transformers, filters and inductors. The team of company most experienced in electronics industry especially in magnetic parts. Now the company has two manufacturing plants which located in Zhejiang and Henan province and the annual capacity is more than 30 million pcs.The company was ISO 9001-2015 system certificated, and all the products are RoHS compliant and UL insulation system certificated.
    We do understanding the client’s need and built the most flexible manufacturing to effect the efficiency producing and high quality control, it made the high performance and fast delivery.
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    Haining Haohua Electronics Co.,Ltd Add:No.1 Huanyuan Dong Rd,Yanguan Industry Area,
                      Haining City,Zhejiang Province

    Tel:86-573-89262212 / 86-13818384994 / 13706596386
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